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About Brazos 2020 Vision, Inc.

The Brazos 2020 Vision fiber network is built to support the capacity of the Brazos Valley long into the future. 


Located in the heart of Brazos Valley, Brazos 2020 Vision Inc., is committed to doing our part to bring economic development, sustainability, and resiliency to our community. For 20 years, we have sought opportunities to benefit the Brazos Valley region.

As advocates for the region, Brazos 2020 Vision diligently supports efforts that promote economic development across the Brazos Valley. By working closely with regional government entities like the Brazos Valley Council of Governments, Brazos 2020 Vision is a proven partner that understands its community's needs.

The Senior Christmas program is one example of Brazos 2020 Vision's heart for community. In 2019, Senior Christmas served approximately 1,000 seniors in nursing facilities across the region during the holiday season by coordinating donations and gift delivery with like-minded community partners.

The Brazos 2020 Vision team is committed to finding creative solutions to complex regional needs.  Access to high-speed fiber internet is critical to promoting growth and development across Brazos Valley. The need for remote learning platforms, telehealth access, and secure networks to support employees working from home has never been more apparent. We are thrilled to provide unparalleled customer support and network infrastructure to communities that, until now, lacked access to reliable ultra-high-speed broadband. 

Brazos 2020 Vision combines advocacy with action to positively impact the Brazos Valley community. 


Buried fiber along the newly constructed route.


Senior Christmas volunteers delivering donated gifts to Brazos Valley seniors.


One of many climate-controlled secure communication huts along fiber ring capable of withstanding a Category III hurricane. 

Brazos 2020 Vision, Inc.

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