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Providing Tailored Solutions to Commercial Fiber Clients Throughout the Brazos Valley

We believe each client's network and connectivity needs deserve the care and attention only personalized service can provide. Our team consults with every potential client to provide tailored solutions that work for you. Let us develop a package that gives you the connectivity, security, and reach you need to build your business.

Our Commitment to You:

  •  Dedicated reliable (99.99% uptime) Internet Access
  •  Speeds from 100 Mbps up to >10Gbps and/or transport via our Fiber Network
  •  Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  •  Proactive 24/7 service monitoring and Support Team access
  •  Dark Fiber is also available
  •  Circuit Availability/Uptime: ≥99.9%; with Packet Loss: ≤0.1% and Network Latency: ≤30ms.
  •  Provider NOC response time for conditions outside of the parameters listed:  ≤15 minutes for a
     response and a ticket to be generated.
  •  Provider response time onsite to diagnose/repair in case of Network Outage: ≤2 hours.
  •  SLA violation credits toward monthly billed service.


Customized planning and implementation from start to finish. Brazos 2020 Vision offers design, engineering, and construction services to commercial clients that secures premium access to all the benefits of the Brazos 2020 Vision fiber network.


Unparalleled access and support. Brazos 2020 Vision elevates your expectations of customer service. From the 24/7 technical support staff to the project management team, everyone at Brazos 2020 is committed to curating a product and a relationship with the client that lasts.

Brazos 2020 Vision, Inc.

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