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Introduction to Brazos 2020 Vision, Inc.

Brazos 2020 Vision is committed to the success of our region and understands the unique needs of Texans across the Brazos Valley. One of our region's critical needs is access to reliable internet that can deliver the speed, security, and resiliency necessary to support communities long into the future. The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated the critical role internet plays in community resilience and recovery. Whether its telehealth access, remote learning platforms, robust network solutions for companies working from home, or government agencies shifting service delivery online, Brazos 2020 fiber internet is bridging the digital divide in rural Brazos Valley.

The positive impact of bringing fiber internet to Brazos Valley is profound. 


Limited access to healthcare is a concern across much of rural Texas. According to the State Office of Rural Health,  64 of the 254 counties in Texas do not have a hospital and 25 counties do not even have a primary care physician. In light of the limited access to care for rural Texans, telehealth could provide critical support especially for specialty provider consultations and facilitating timely communication between remote access clinics and larger hospitals for transfers and emergency situations. Brazos 2020 is committed to telehealth accessibility throughout the Brazos Valley.


Internet and technology might not be the first thing a layperson associates with Texas ranchers or farmers, but 21st century agriculture is as dependent on technology as any other trade. Reliable and effective internet allows farmers to optimize on those advancements to improve their methods. Unfortunately the 2019 U.S. Department of Agriculture report, A Case for Rural Broadband, found that 25% of Texas farms have no internet access at all! The addition of broadband infrastructure in agricultural communities could contribute to anywhere from $47 billion to $67 billion annually; not to mention the positive environmental implications when more agriculture is utilizing tools and systems that reduce waste, improve efficiency, and simplify service delivery through reliable internet.


Texas ranks #1 in number of rural schools compared to the rest of the United States. Access to technology and reliable internet frequently impacts learning outcomes in rural communities. As schools across the country have grappled with returning to in person classes versus remote learning scenarios, it is easy to see that, for many communities across Texas, the internet availability in their area could not support the majority of their rural students. Brazos 2020 has developed internet solutions for several independent school districts to overcome this barrier and is standing ready to facilitate similar solutions across the region.

Business and Tourism

In today's day and age, a digital presence is vital to the success of any business large or small. High speed internet can promote rural industry, tourism revenue, and community revitalization that extends well past the physical limits of the town. Many small communities have seen the positive correlation between reliable high-speed internet and tourism. Brazos 2020 is committed to bringing those benefits to the Brazos Valley.


Brazos 2020 Vision's fiber network is built to support the capacity of the Brazos Valley long into the future. We specialize in custom solutions that are designed to support the unique needs of commercial clients in rural Texas.  




Brazos 2020 Vision, Inc.

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